Bazinga Stock News

Bazinga Stock News – Benzinga Pro is a trading platform that combines multiple features such as stock screening, real-time market news feeds, charts, stock and option alerts, and trader chat rooms into one tool. But is Benzinga Pro worth it? I extensively tested all the features of the platform and found more power behind this platform than expected.

My Benzinga Pro review reflects my experience, outlines all the benefits and features, and reveals some platform hacks. Consider signing up for a free 14-day trial to practice the tips and tricks I covered in the tutorial portion of the review.

Bazinga Stock News

Bazinga Stock News

Platform Features Benzinga Pro is a feature-rich platform with powerful tools for traders and investors. Let’s get details on Benzinga Pro review by going step by step through the stock analysis platform. Day trading and investment news

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To day trade, you need to know why a stock is moving. If there is a gap in the morning, the reason for the price gap is critical in determining whether momentum continues after pre-market trading or a reversal is expected. Benzinga can help find catalysts for intraday stock price movements.

Also, the news streaming platform is useful for investors who want to research their portfolio position or track the latest FED decisions etc.

For day trading purposes, you may want to use additional filters such as minimum trade volume, minimum gap, relative volume, etc. And as an investor, you want to use filters based on financial metrics like price, volume, and market cap, etc. With Benzinga Pro you can do just that.

The Details workspace has many options for detailed analysis of underlying data. The detailed view has three main sections. Above the chart you have the following navigation elements:

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At the bottom of the details feature, you have different news sources arranged in tabs, and the company’s most important financials on the right.

The calendar feature helps you analyze news related to a specific date or time period. For example, you select a specific date, such as June 15, 2023, or a time period, such as “this month” or “the last seven days.” You have already selected the type of news source (dividends, earnings, ratings, stock splits, unusual options activity, etc.)

The number of use cases for such a wonderful calendar is incredibly large. For example, you can go back in time to find specific news events and analyze their impact on price. You can view past activity with unusual options. You can view the earnings calendar for the next day or analyze the latest earnings results of a stock symbol.

Bazinga Stock News

Benzinga Watchlist is what the name suggests. You can add new securities to your virtual portfolio and define columns of your choice such as price, change, daily high, daily low, trading volume, market capitalization and more.

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The Movers feature allows you to visualize the results for winners and losers based on different criteria. You set filters using the mouse on a predefined dashboard.

Let’s say you’re looking for the highest profits in the pre-market hours. But you’re only looking for stocks with a market cap between $300 million and $2 billion. You also choose to filter the results to stocks with a price range of $5-$10.

The result of automatically refreshing the list of movers every minute. You can also freeze the result by clicking Freeze. You can also apply various additional filters and add or remove columns.

I mentioned Scanner and Screener earlier in this Benzinga Pro review. But first let me explain the signal characteristic of Benzinga Pro. To open the signal-based screen, select “Signal” in the left navigation. Now you see the main alert categories:

Actionable Trading Ideas, Real Time News, Financial Insight

The results of each signal are displayed with the signal type, time signature, stock symbol and come with a description.

One thing I would like to note is that you can export the data as a CSV file. Just click on the small icon on the top right and click “Export Table to CSV”.

The scanner works for US-listed stocks and allows you to filter and sort stocks based on your needs. The most important part of the scanner is the filter function. Within the filter, you specify things like sector, stock exchange, price range, market cap range, last minute price change, and more.

Bazinga Stock News

You can define your favorite scans from scratch or choose one of the preconfigured scanners by clicking Presets. Here are 5 examples:

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One column I really like is the number of shares traded in the last minute. This detail gives a good indicator for a day trader if he can trade stocks with a large day size. Of course, as with all Benzinga Pro results, you can always click on the stock symbol and a news chart will open for further analysis.

With 30+ fundamental data and 20+ filters to check technical data, you can do everything and more with this screener, similar to what you can do with Finviz.

Templates vary by column. In the second step, you can use filters to reduce the number of results displayed and determine whether the screen should be associated with a daily, weekly or monthly time frame. For intraday time frames, you use a stock scanner, not a stock screener.

Benzinga Pro comes with integrated charts. The technology is based on the TradingView platform and supports minute, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly time frames.

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Supported chart types include bar charts, candlestick charts, hollow candles, area charts, HLC charts, Hackin Ashi charts, and more.

More than 100 trading indicators are integrated and include popular indicators such as VWAP, EMA, trading volume, Stochastic RSI, True Strength Index and many more.

You can be alerted via desktop notifications, sounds and synthesized voice. But Benzinga’s Radio Squawk audio feed takes it a step further. Day traders are always busy and using eyes alone can lead to unprofitable trades depending on the major news. That’s why the Benzinga Radio Squawk Box is a great addition to day traders.

Bazinga Stock News

So if you only have one monitor, this feature means you never have to miss big news again. Use your computer audio and listen to the hottest breaking news and news alerts that move the market. Audio news is useful for day trading if you trade based on real-time news.

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Benzinga trading room is the best place for traders and investors. There are 9 different chat channels available:

The Day Trading Room and Benzinga Pro Lounge are the most active trading rooms. The Inner Circle trading room is only available to Benzinga Options Mentorship subscribers.

The Basic Package is the lowest membership plan and unlocks delayed quotes, watchlist alerts, a move feature, access to news (no advanced filtering), and Benzinga Premium articles. The basic package costs $27 per month.

The Essential package is the most popular plan and comes with every basic feature plus real-time quotes, access to real-time scanner with advanced filtering, audio shout, access to trader chat, sentiment indicators, calendar and alerts feature. The regular price of the Essential package is $197 per month, but after the free trial you’ll get a great discount offer from Benzinga that you can use to get in at a more reasonable price.

Benzinga Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

The Benzinga Options Mentoring Plan is the highest tier and includes all mentoring, education and options options in addition to the base package. However, the Options Mentorship pkackage is the most expensive at $457 per month. However, there are discounts available that significantly reduce this price (either by using the first free trial or by using one of the discount codes linked after the comparison table below).

The Expensive Mentor plan has additional benefits such as mentoring, education, an inner circle trading room, 6 options per month, webinars, market insights and strategies.

I am happy to provide you various Benzinga Pro Coupon Codes that reduce the subscription price by 30%. However, the best way to get started is with a free trial. After a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), you’ll also get a great discount offer directly from Benzinga.

Bazinga Stock News

Benzinga Pro is a great investment tool for active traders and investors. It combines market news (via text and audio alerts), stock screening, chart analysis features, trading signals and trading rooms. This makes it an excellent choice for all traders and investors of any experience level and trading style.

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Benzinga Pro is ideal for traders looking for a news streaming platform with real-time market data and comprehensive stock and chart screening capabilities. An alternative to Benzinga Pro is Trade Ideas.

Benzinga Pro offers three subscription packages. The basic package starts at $27 per month, the basic subscription costs $197 per month, and the Benzinga options cost $457 per month. The mentioned coupon code reduces the price by 30%.

Benzinga Pro offers full access to all features for a 14-day free trial. After the free trial is over, the 14-day trial allows you to test all features in real-time to make an informed decision.

Alexander is the founder and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets. It aims to make trading and investing easier to understand

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